Saturday, September 06, 2008

The "A" Word

It is very tempting to want to blog about politics right now. But there are so many other blogs dedicated to that, and political rhetoric in this particular space would detract from my core focus of grappling with the confluence of spirituality, leadership and the arts.

One thing I will share is that, in light of having observed two weeks of political theater and news media punditry, I heard a powerful statement on Friday morning that cut to the heart. I was attending a breakfast meeting of Brentwood's Christian Executive Officers (CEO) Fellowship, and the speaker was talking about leaving a legacy.

"You cannot pass on what is not authentically in you," he said.

Wow. Authenticity. The goal of this blog! You can bet that statement elicited a deep look inside of myself, examining the pockets of disconnect between what I present to the world and the darkness few others ever see.

Politics often gives permission to pass on to the public what is not authentic, but a life that truly impacts and inspires others with sustainable, positive change flows from a clean heart.


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