Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ready to Network Again

Now that I am settled into a home of my own here in Williamson County, Tenn., I'm excited about dedicating some intentional time to meet some folks in the business and civic community. Networking is in my blood, but it has been on hold for much of the past year due to some intense priorities--such as moving and onboarding with my leadership position at T-Mobile USA.

I greatly miss being out in the community, speaking in public and attending events while building relationships. This type of investment was key back in 2004, when I was new to the Melbourne, Fla., community and was launching a new phase of my vocation by transitioning from full-time church ministry to the corporate arena. It led to tremendous growth in networking, speaking and marketing skills, and really stretched me as an individual. Eventually, it opened the door to my leadership consulting work at Health First Inc. in Melbourne and my newest position here in the Nashville area.

I am eager to meet business leaders, as well as those involved in impactful ministries. My passion, as always, is lending whatever consulting, coaching and speaking/training skills I can offer to help others and their organizations thrive. I'm on the look-out to make some kind of positive difference in the community, starting on a smaller scale with the Franklin-Brentwood area and then hopefully getting more involved in Nashville itself. Things take time, as my Dad always said, but it all begins with that first conversation and some mutual brainstorming about the possibilities.

To me it is very interesting to learn people's stories, about how they built their careers, the challenges they've faced, their family and personal interests. That is one of the enriching side benefits of networking, in addition to the professional aspects. Solid, vital relationships are the core for a healthy state of mind, far beyond the bottom line impact in a financial or career opportunity sense.

We've been fortunate so far to meet some great people through church, a book club, soccer, gymnastics and an organization called MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers International)--as well as through what remains of the network of publicists and marketing professionals I've known across the years through my professional writing. I'm looking forward to building on those relationships and getting out to some Chamber of Commerce events, ministry organizations, Rotary Clubs, etc.

As always, the initiative is up to me! But I am always amazed at the doors that open up to meet some incredible, talented individuals once I take those first few steps...


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