Monday, July 28, 2008

A Room With a View

The past two months of my life have been consumed by house hunting in this lovely city of Franklin, Tenn., so vibrant and teeming with beauty in the spring and summer and early fall. The reflective life has, at least temporarily, been displaced by the suburban pursuit. Everything has its season...and soon I will have my own home office again, overlooking a large, quiet cluster of trees. Perhaps then...perhaps, the river of creativity will flow once again.

My sister Fran is now really enjoying the book The Power of Full Engagement, which I bought for her. I completed the action plan template found at the appendix, making some commitments for some new positive rituals that could lead to more emotional, mental and spiritual energy and focus in my life. Executing the rituals is much harder than writing them down. But writing them down, even though I did it in pencil, is a great start.


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