Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pink Insights

It is my first early Sunday morning quiet/writing time since moving into this house with the great bonus room two weeks ago. I'm sitting in front of a large window that overlooks a large cluster of trees, and above the branches the dawning sky is becoming layered with pinkish clouds. I've just read Ps. 5:11, in which those who take refuge in God are beckoned to rejoice; and Phil. 2:13, in which Paul advises that God is at work in us to empower us not only to have willpower for such a joyful mindset...but to implement it.

There's a class I help teach these days that emphasizes the importance of being open to new insights--I like to call them "a-ha" moments--that can modify our thoughts and beliefs. Such new thoughts and beliefs are what truly fuel us to change a behavior, which is the only consistent possibility that yields different results.

I teach this concept in a work setting, but it truly is applicable in all dimensions of life. I love the image of the Spirit of God being a refuge that envelops me, helping me to tap into an inner river of joy that soaks my mind and forges streams of insights that can shift how I behave toward others and the situations I encounter.

So many influences compete for my"a-ha" moments and the character of my behaviors.

And I had a different sentence in mind at this moment to follow the one I just typed...but I glanced out the window again and saw that the pinkish glory has exploded in size, and I cannot help but stare at the visual confirmation of the ancient words reminding me of a glorious joy that longs to unite us all. The pink is giving way to a bit more blue, but the awe and mystery remain.

I wonder who else is gazing at this sunrise at this same moment. I wonder what is influencing their thoughts, beliefs, deeds.

The clouds are white now. Day is fast rushing upon me. Soon the fruit of my mind and heart will be put to the test again. Today at home and in the community, tomorrow at home and in the workplace.


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