Monday, January 28, 2008


I’m actually writing this entry while aboard an airplane somewhere between Nashville and Denver. I’m in the Mile High City this week, attending a gathering of all of T-Mobile USA’s leadership.

Something good has happened on the flight—something even greater than receiving the bag of miniature pretzels with a grand total of 50 calories. I glanced through and edited my book proposal for Chased by the Wind, the manuscript about my childhood I have written and fine-tuned across the past two years. This provided great momentum, now that I am settled into Nashville, toward resuming my pursuit of agents for the project. I laughed as I realized the proposal still had my old email and snail mail address, and was happy to add my T-Mobile gig to the brief bio.

Furthermore, I delved back into the fledgling pages of my “sequel” memoir, an examination of my working life to date that is tentatively called Overcome by the Wind. Maybe this book will end with my ordination this coming May, maybe sooner, maybe later. I don’t know what the third memoir, if there is one, will be about or what period of my hoped-for life it will cover. Hopefully I won’t have to call it, from the vantage point of old age, Big Bag of Wind.

Long flights are a great opportunity, far above the busyness of things, to get back on track with serious writing projects. I’d already felt the groundswell of writing motivation the past several days, triggered by reading Blue Like Jazz and starting to read the popular Eat, Pray Love.

Now the next step is chiseling out regular blocks of time for writing and marketing….marketing and writing. I find the more I blog the more likely I am to work on more extensive writing projects. Little things lead to big things.


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