Monday, December 31, 2007

Coming up for Air, Part 2

Ok, at last all of my stuff and my family are under the same roof in lovely Franklin, TN, just a boulder's toss from Nashville. I am starting to feel the vestiges of normalcy setting in, which provides numerous positive implications...including re-establishing a rhythm of writing and networking, starting with this nearly-abandoned blog and any would-be-nearly-abandoned readers. So Happy New Year to anyone who is listening.

I have found myself overwhelmingly task-oriented for the past couple of months. A move to a new company and a new state does that to you. There's a whole lot of absorption going on and little reflection. Tread the waters of non-reflection long enough, and you begin to forget entire regions of yourself exist. Such as my hard-wiring that loves drawing threads between the humanities and leadership development concepts. It's been on the back burner for so many weeks that I am not sure if it is even still in the kitchen. But wait...I smell something cooking...

Structure and routine. As much as I rail against these twin edifices when I feel suffocated by them, I count on them for my creative release. Organization gives rise to creativity, at least for me. When I am running around like a madman trying to get organized, get moved, get oriented, there is little left for creativity and reflection.

I am thankful to be settling in to my new life here in Tennessee. Now I just need to re-awaken the parts of me that aren't necessarily new but need to respond to new circumstances and opportunities in fresh ways.

What will 2008 have in store...who knows...


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