Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Virtual Feast

I am delighted to see, via Shelfari, that there are a ton of book lovers in the Nashville area. This newly-discovered social networking site can be as intoxicating as any great bookstore. It’s just a different way of browsing, with its own personal (if virtual) touch. Through the sheer process of clicking and adding book titles, I’ve gleaned that I’ve read even more books than I realized—and am wondering how I’ve found the time to do so given the grind that life has been for, well, forever.

Maybe it’s also a sobering reminder that I need to be writing more and reading less? But writers must read in order to write well. What comes first, the reading or the writing?

Well, spending too much energy on this conundrum could lead to both writer’s block and reader’s block. So I’ll let it go and see where the words—both the ones I compose and the ones I drink in from the generous creative cups of others—take me!


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