Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things You Think About in the Middle of the Night

...especially when you do not feel good and have been tossing and turning for hours, disappointed that despite being in bed since before 8 p.m. you are not any more rested:

Your plane reservations for your upcoming five-day business trip do not leave enough margin between your arrival and the start of your workshop.

You have to get better before you leave on the trip.

You need to remember to pick up your dry cleaning before the trip.

You have to get better before you leave on the trip. Oh yeah, did I mention that one already?

There is some good news in this quality time I'm spending right now, at 2:55 a.m. CST, with my blue futon in the home office. I have deeper clarity about the flow of events in Chapter 10 of my novel, the one I plan to write this weekend. After 40,000 words, it is a good and helpful thing to still have some clarity because I am swimming in some thick alphabet soup right now.

None of my 539 Facebook friends is online right now. Who sang that song about one being the loneliest number?

I remain certain that joy comes in the morning, and I pray that health tags along as a bonus.


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