Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Only One Goal Left

As this season of God pruning my ambitions continues, I am down to one vocational goal now, one career aspiration. This is very freeing but also kind of scary, because I'm not sure if I will pull it off. But I will literally die trying.

My one remaining career goal is to write one book per year, for the rest of my life.

These volumes might sometimes be works of fiction, like the book I am writing now. They might be memoirs or books related to leadership or spiritual formation or whatever. But I must write them. They might never make any money (although I have a hunch that some will), but I must write them.

I really don't have any choice. It's larger than me. And that's a fun thing to be a part of, when you feel caught in a massive gust of creativity that wants to blow through you and consume you and transform you and elicit from you something that might touch others in a meaningful way.

I'll keep a "day job" that leverages my strengths as long as I need to, and give it my all while I am there. But the one, driving thing in my life that is above and beyond work, family and other responsibilities is and will be writing. Blogs, articles, copy, etc., for sure--but especially books.

Currently, I have no idea what my "2010 book" will be about. And that's OK. When it is time to write, the Muse will appear. As long as I show up, she never lets me down.


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