Wednesday, October 08, 2008


When you want to write something on your blog but cannot think of anything to say, is that writer's blog?

Ok, that was bad.

The rains finally arrived in Middle Tennessee again across the past 24 hours. Gave the earth a nice soak, temporarily satisfying all of those lawns in need of a drink. Now all of these little annoying gnats have come out to play.

I'm blogging about the weather. I really cannot think of anything to say. I should just hold down the delete button now, before it is too late and I post this.

But I just cannot stop my fingers from tapping away here. Maybe if I type long enough something of substance will roll out of me. Some new insights will temporarily satisfy the parched souls trolling the Web in need of a connection.

There is a lot of noise and distortion all around us. Sometimes, in the midst of it, there is a message. A message that transforms. A still small voice, even. What will it take for each of us to quiet our minds long enough to discern it...before it becomes again drowned out by all of the clanging and clamoring for our marketing goods...?


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