Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Direct Bounce

Sometimes you have a dream that is vivid and personal enough that it sticks with you across the day. Last night, amid a crazy montage of metaphors and mysteries that danced upon my mind’s stage while my tired body rested, I caught a vision of what I intuited to be a church parsonage. It was a massive estate high upon a hill, and my wife and I were exploring it from both the inside and from an external distance. There was a mixture of wonder and trepidation. At some point the house suddenly was filled with people, a dinner party kind of atmosphere, and several of the patrons I recognized as current colleagues from T-Mobile.

During the festivities someone handed me a box. I opened the box and found what I knew in my mind was a GSP device, although I have not personally ever beheld one of these. I accidently dropped it off of a balcony, and watched as it plummeted three stories to the earth below. To land unharmed. Suddenly I was on the ground and a young man was holding it, explaining how it worked as he handed it back to me.

A noise woke me up at that point, and as I got dressed for my workout I pondered the significance of the dream, the latest outpouring of my mind’s constant process of sorting out the past, the present and the imagined future while time itself seems to stand still.

My family briefly lived in an actual parsonage during the second half of 2003, when I was still a church pastor. It was a cool house, but I was not in the right fit anymore and we needed to move on. At the time it was hard to find the way, to discern any clear direction. It seemed my career path had fallen several stories to the ground, and yet movable time has shown that it was unharmed and in fact grew in clarity and opportunity. Others have come along that path and generously explained how things work and handed me opportunities to thrive and grow.

We’ve recently taken another big step into a new direction, with the move from Florida to Nashville and my change of employment to take on a new challenge with my leadership development career. A house was left behind, and a new house was chosen. There will probably be another new house at some point yet again.


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