Monday, December 31, 2007

Coming up for Air, Part 2

Ok, at last all of my stuff and my family are under the same roof in lovely Franklin, TN, just a boulder's toss from Nashville. I am starting to feel the vestiges of normalcy setting in, which provides numerous positive implications...including re-establishing a rhythm of writing and networking, starting with this nearly-abandoned blog and any would-be-nearly-abandoned readers. So Happy New Year to anyone who is listening.

I have found myself overwhelmingly task-oriented for the past couple of months. A move to a new company and a new state does that to you. There's a whole lot of absorption going on and little reflection. Tread the waters of non-reflection long enough, and you begin to forget entire regions of yourself exist. Such as my hard-wiring that loves drawing threads between the humanities and leadership development concepts. It's been on the back burner for so many weeks that I am not sure if it is even still in the kitchen. But wait...I smell something cooking...

Structure and routine. As much as I rail against these twin edifices when I feel suffocated by them, I count on them for my creative release. Organization gives rise to creativity, at least for me. When I am running around like a madman trying to get organized, get moved, get oriented, there is little left for creativity and reflection.

I am thankful to be settling in to my new life here in Tennessee. Now I just need to re-awaken the parts of me that aren't necessarily new but need to respond to new circumstances and opportunities in fresh ways.

What will 2008 have in store...who knows...

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Coming up for Air

Well, I'm attempting to re-enter the blogosphere after an absence of a few weeks due to the madness of relocating to Nashville and starting my new leadership development position with T-Mobile. USA I've been living out of hotels in three different states (mostly Tennessee, with California and Alabama thrown into the mix), and the fun will continue the next couple of weeks with trips to Idaho (can you say, BRRRR!) and Kansas City. By Christmas I expect to be slowing down the traveling a little bit and settled in my new home in the city of Franklin; with hopefully a month or so to catch my breath and get to know Nashville more before heading off to Denver at the end of January.

It's been a great experience so far with T-Mobile, with its value-driven culture and operational focus. I'm really being stretched as a person and a professional, which I love. Although I have met few of my 20-some-odd colleagues spread across the country at different T-Mobile locations, I can tell that I am part of a highly-talented team of professionals that makes a strong impact on our 33,000 employees and our millions of customers.

I look forward to getting back on track with some of my book projects and other writing efforts, probably after the holidays. I'm holding off on external speaking or coaching for now, but will gradually weave those opportunities back into my routine once I'm a little more settled.

Almost everything about my life has changed dramatically since mid-November! But what an adventure...