Monday, July 30, 2007

A Post-Vacation Risk

My weeklong vacation on the Gulf Coast of Florida is over...but the investments of thought and idea incubation are paying dividends even as I am scurrying to catch up on things at the office.

Unplugged from email and phones, I took an early walk/run along the shore each morning, the rising sun and gentle tides my awesome companions. An idea for a new creative project began as a tiny seed dropped into an ocean on Monday morning, and each day blossomed more and more toward potential fruit for Microsoft Word.

For just a week I caught a glimpse of what a fully reflective life could be...while keeping in mind that the best of ideas birthed in solitude must be brought into the wild midst of community in order to serve their greatest potential.

Hopefully, sometime this week I will sketch an outline, daring again to cross that mysterious boundary between riveting, untamed ideas and their typed/written counterparts. So often something gets lost in translation--isn't that true to so much of life? But it is a risk that must be taken, both under the sun and under the fluorescent lights of a little office in corporate America...

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At 9:11 AM , Blogger Rebecca said...

It makes one wonder how many ideas are never brought to light because of restrictions on freedom.

I'm wondering if that isn't the real value of education. One does not need to be educated to have ideas. But the education acts as a conduit of opportunity to do something with those ideas.


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