Monday, June 25, 2007

Journeying With Joe

In the nine days since my epiphany-laden day at the bookstore, I have gone deep into the works of famed mythology professor Joseph Campbell. It's been a bit like drinking out of a fire hose; there is so much to take in and absorb, and applying the learning to day-to-day functionality will take some time to gain momentum. In a sense this feels like the largest corpus of learning I've attempted to tackle since my Master of Divinity studies of a decade ago. It is filling in a lot of missing pieces for my interdisciplinary way of looking at people, leadership and organizations.

The exciting aspect is that as I have mentally concocted a garden to receive these new ideas, they are beginning to bloom in the soil. I am delighted with this new perspective on potential metaphors and teaching points that connect aspects of mythology, the arts, literature and history to the organizational development practices and approaches I embrace. Each day holds new surprises, new potential for seeds to bloom.

Whenever I get in these deep learning modes I am rather annoyed that I have to stop and eat or sleep. I guess that is evidence of an intrinsic passion set ablaze. Life has taught me not to ignore the smoke but head straight to its source.

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