Friday, February 23, 2007

Work and Interests

I've been doing some deep thinking about my "vocational priorities" today. There are three of them that serve as the main streams for numerous tributaries, and they appear to be Writing, Teaching and Organizational Development type of work.

As I brainstormed the key tributaries that I want to flow out of these streams, I also realized the vitality of keeping my main interests in mind. Based on looking at what seems to make me tick, these are my main interests, not necessarily in order:

· Spirituality
. Family and friends
· Books
· Magazines and Journals
· Film
· Theater
· Health and fitness
· History
· Travel
· Good Food
· Interesting conversation

How much do your vocational pursuits intersect with your key interests?


At 11:10 AM , Blogger Marcia Ford said...

There's no distinction between my interests and my work. My interests always influence my writing, one way or another. Even seemingly unrelated interests, like knitting, affect the way I write and sometimes even what I write about.


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