Sunday, July 26, 2009

Moments of Re-Creation

We have just returned to Franklin, Tenn., after a two-week road trip to Florida. I had the chance to visit family, numerous (but not all) good friends who are based down there, and one of my favorite things in the world, the ocean.

Vacation carries mixed emotions. The anticipation builds up for weeks or months; often the execution of the vacation itself does not live up to the expectations, but in this case it did. But then there is the knowledge in the back of your mind that the trip must end, that you must resume "normalcy." Such knowledge is in the front of my mind today, on Sunday, the day before I return to work.

However, I would like to transcend the typical, dead-end way of thinking that the end of vacation means a return to drudgery. Must life really be about 48 or 49 weeks per year of just trying to survive, and then a few precious weeks of recreation and relaxation? There must be some way to be more holistic, to be intentional about "re-creating" one self every day.

I want to pay attention to those re-creating moments, rather than just hang on until the Christmas holidays and the anticipation of my next two week chunk of "freedom." The best avenue toward this that I can think of features embracing a vibrant faith, consistently tapping into a few core strengths, and building deep relationships on a constant basis.

There is existence, and then there is abundant living; I choose the latter!


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