Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Faithful Where You Are Now

Today I was reminded that the leadership development work I do at T-Mobile USA is not just about helping us sell more phones and engender customer loyalty. A colleague shared how she took care of her eight month old nephew while her sister was staying in the hospital. As the baby took his first steps, my colleague captured this wondrous event on video with her cell and promptly texted it over to her sister. Her sister burst into tears as she watched her child take those tender steps, grateful that she had not fully missed the moment.

Those of us who see our full-time corporate jobs as our ministry in this season of life might sometimes question the meaning of it all. We produce products, services, ideas, etc., that we often believe will not matter a whole lot later on in the grand scheme of things.

But moments like the one I shared today lead me to trust more in God's greater purposes for this season that I cannot fully see, compared to my own inconsistent guesswork about what I am supposed to be doing with my gifts. The Lord has not yet opened the doors for me to spend all of my time doing what I most long to do--write--and so trust and faithfulness are what I pray to embrace. Be faithful where you are, he whispers, his consistent message across all seasons.


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